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It Will Get Better!

Anybody else standing in agreement with me? Aren't you tired of the enemy seeming to have 1-up on you? Aren't you tired of feeling like "THIS" situation will never come to an it will never get better? Do you feel suffocated, consumed by not wanting to become impatient and make the wrong decision? You are doing everything in your power to "Protect Your Peace" (last week's blog) and walk the steps that are ordered by the Lord...but you still feel like you're losing? You're reading your Word, your meditating on all things good, you're taking the needed space to rise above and push through, yet you still feel trapped?

Here's the Good News......God has already made the way out. God has already written your story. If we abide in His truth, we shall be made whole and nothing can stop that. No matter what you're going through, God has given you the ability to muscle through it. He has prepared the way for you to succeed and excel. Trust Him with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5! God's Word says (Romans 8:30) that He predestinated us, He called us, justified us, and glorified us... He chose us, so we will not and cannot lose.

I just want to remind you, as God has reminded me... His Word will not and shall not hit the ground. If He spoke it, He will make it good...He will perform it. Hallelujah!! (Numbers 23:19) We can get lost in the details... Trying to be too smart for our own good... Let's just be committed to trusting God beyond what we see. Let's put some work to our faith, so that we can keep it Jesus Name!

God is good no matter what we're facing. No matter what keeps revisiting matter where we find ourselves. God is merciful, kind, loving, and so gracious to us. Let's depend on Him in every way...with every step we take. It will get better...It has to get better!! We don't always know what better will look like, but when trust the Master...our GOOD GOOD Father... We know that He will never make us ashamed. Hallelujah!!

Give yourself some grace. Keep believing. Keep trusting. You're coming out on top.... With the "W" to prove it! Amen!


I am on social media under the handle @thecrystalmroberts via Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Feel free to share my posts and engage by liking commenting and tagging someone you know that needs to be encouraged.


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Please help me share the word and the message. Thank you!

✨"God Has Confidence in 💛 ou!" keychain has been updated and are available for purchase, as well!


I appreciate each of you. Thank you for all the support and love you give towards me!

Again, thank you thank you thank you thank you! Many many blessings to you and your families. May God continue to show you His mighty hand in the very place you need it the most.

🙏 Be Well. Be Encouraged. Be Strengthened. 🙏

In Jesus name, Amen!!

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