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The Encourager: Heart of Thanksgiving


"Lord, I thank You!" In a time where grief and loss is so prevalent and seems to be what is consuming our world in such a major way, thankfulness is all I can rest in right now. Lately, hardships seems to be more catastrophic than ever before, but it is a necessity to muster up a “Thank You” to God in our most devastating times. Yes, a “thank You” is just fine and so easy to say when times are good; but where is our thanksgiving when life isn’t moving in the direction we think it should? In the thick of your trouble, can you offer God a sincere praise of thanksgiving?


Psalms 54:6 says, "I will freely sacrifice unto thee: I will praise thy name, O LORD; for it is good."


Some years ago, I was sitting in church waiting for service to begin; I was so down on myself at the time. Life was so crazy for me; I was pushing through so much emotional devastation and just consumed with my sins. This particular day, I don’t remember what was going on exactly, but I remember being a mess. I was still singing on the praise and worship team and would be left to lead out often by default. As I was waiting for the appointed person to arrive, I got word that I had to lead out. This hit me like a ton of bricks because of all the days…I just wasn’t in the mindset or standing with enough strength to push past me and all my stuff.

I immediately started praying for God to help me and strengthen me. Then, with just minutes to spare, I opened my bible and this scripture found me. It was one of those moments where you open the bible and God rescues you like no one else can. When I read it, I began to cry and thank God. This scripture spoke the true essence of where my spirit was beyond the foolishness I had going on. This scripture still strengthens me today, over 10 years now. It built such a strength within me that picked me up and is still carrying me today. Hallelujah. God knew what I needed, not just for that moment, but for every moment following that day. I will FREELY sacrifice unto thee.

Be Encouraged:

Praise is a sacrifice that is required of us; it is something that we give and ought to give no matter where we find ourselves. “…I will praise thy name, O LORD: for it is good. God is always good and His name is always good, and worthy of thanksgiving. So, in your dark place, wave your hand, lift your voice, clap your hands, dance before God; however you're able to express your gratitude …it will please God. Your best praise will look different in different situations, but vow to give it, nonetheless. IF your "hallelujah" is a whisper, give it. IF your "thank You, Lord" is in the midst of painful tears, say it and mean it.

Our job and posture is to remain thankful, even when we don't understand what is going on. We must praise God because…His name is good; He is good! When we can move past ourselves and see beyond our situation and say, “Thank You, Lord” ; not for bringing us out and not for His ability to save us, but just because He is good…whew. God is good and for that reason alone, we should say “thank You”. I urge you and encourage you to see His goodness above your tough situation. Amen.

Connect With Me:

If you are enjoying my weekly blogs and want to know how or where to follow me for more encouragement, you can find me on social media under the handle @thecrystalmroberts via Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. You can also join my group via Facebook, God Knows Your Measure. Feel free to share this blog with someone that they may be uplifted and encouraged as well. As they say and I believe, "sharing is caring".💛


I thank you, each of you, sincerely for taking the time to allow me to encourage you. We can and will make this journey better by doing it together. You are loved, and appreciated.

Be blessed this week; do your absolute best to be thankful and see God's goodness above your situation. Anything can arise this week, but remain thankful. Be thankful. Be intentional. You can do it! No matter what always remember that God is good; His name is good!

Have an amazing week!

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Tyswana Lee
Tyswana Lee
Jul 08, 2022

I am so grateful to see this at this time. Much needed. 🖤

Crystal Roberts
Crystal Roberts
Jul 11, 2022
Replying to

Amen, sis!! 💛

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