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The Encourager: There's More...

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

God is amazing! There is truly no one like Him; and nothing and no one can be His superior. He is great and mighty and holds all power in His hand. What a might God we serve! I just have to give Him honor and praise for being the God that He is... for being the Father that He is... for being the Keeper that He is! Hallelujah! God is faithful and so so kind!!

As I am sitting here listening to I'm Alive by Rich Tolbert Jr., I am just so filled up! I am grateful that when I thought it was best for my life to be over... when I didn't see the value in my life, God kept me. God kept my mind. Many times, we can be consumed with life's struggles. I feel like I speak on this often because life is always happening. Sometimes, we don't feel like we can survive it or thrive in it! But...this song and this message, I'm alive because there is more...and it is not an accident; it a huge reminder that there is purpose in our press to continue.

You are not here by chance. You are not still here after all you've faced just because. God has more for you! He has more for me! Hallelujah. God is awesome and He has so much for us packed in His plan. The scripture says that eyes have not seen, neither has ears heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has in store for those who love Him. We cannot fathom what HE has for us. Hallelujah! Then, in Jeremiah 29 it says that His plan is perfect for us... thoughts of peace and not of evil concerning us to give us an expected end. Hallelujah. God makes good on His promises...we can trust Him. Hallelujah!

Again, you are not here by chance; We are not here by chance. God has given us the ability to make it through all that we have been through. There are things in our life that have caused us trauma, and we don't even realize how it effects us daily or when certain things happen in our lives. Good News: God is even keeping us through that...because there's more for us. There is more for you! God is lifting you above those things...above the hurt and pain...above the trauma...above the hiccups...above the abandonment...above the neglect...above the abuse! Hallelujah! God is lifting you out of that place of the name of Jesus! You are alive because there is more!

I praise God for your victory. I praise God for your "more"! It is a reason to keep going to see what the end is going to be. I know God has some goodies in-store for me that I can't even imagine. We can't figure God out, and it is best that we don't even try. I urge you to just live for Him, knowing that He has more for you! And not just more, it the BEST for you. The more He has for you will be worth the weight and the wait. Hallelujah!

Just this past weekend, I was reminded of the scripture that says to lay aside every weight and sin that so easily beset us. (Hebrews 12:1) There is a weight of glory, or let's just say responsibility, that comes with walking with Christ that encourages us and keeps us going. There is also a weight that drags us down when we refuse let go of and detach from what He has called us to detach from.

There is a newness of mind that I am walking into this week and this new season. I am shifting my weight! I only want the weight of my "Yes" to God; yes to His will and to His way. Try doing the will of God carrying the weight of your cross and the weight of the things that knocks you off balance and off focus; be it for your family, close friends, your job..really anything you allow to weigh you down. We cannot carry both and continue to stand. God has more for us; beyond other people's opinion of us. He has more for us, beyond the weight of needing a pat on the back from those who are here today and gone tomorrow. He has more for us, beyond the wasted energy toward a people who can and certainly will fail us.

Y'all...there is SO much more for us! Stay the course. Trust God. Be committed. You got this!!

✨Be steadfast..There IS More For You!




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This has been a full year. Thank you so much for riding this year out with me. I appreciate each of you beyond words. Thank you for all the support and love you give. It doesn't go unnoticed.

God is up to something great, and I pray you stay around to be a witness. I know He has something beautiful in store for each and every one of yoif we draw night to Him He will draw nigh to us and he will bless us beyond what we can fathom in our limited imagination.

Again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Many many blessings to you and your families. May God continue to show you His mighty hand in the very place you need it the most. I pray God show completely out for you in the last few days of this year.

🙏 Be Well. Be Encouraged. Be Strengthened. 🙏

In Jesus name, Amen!

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