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Growing up in the church, I have always heard about Job receiving "double for his trouble." Intrigued by this concept, I have always desired to thoroughly read his story. To my surprise, Job's response to what he felt was "unjust" suffering and affliction was not quite like the picture painted by those who I have heard preach about him. Job was a blessed man whom God had confidence in, but why?


Job was named a perfect and upright man by God. He was chosen by God to suffer a tremendous amount of pain and affliction and spoke very foolishly during his suffering. Yet, none of what he said was accounted to him as cursing God. As I journeyed through the life of Job, I was able to identify and uncover emotions and expressions like those of Job's in my own life. This revelation built me up and strengthened my foundation to know that there is liberty in acknowledging that "I am HUMAN".


So, ask yourself:

- Can I, too, be authentic in the way that I weather my storms and deal with my personal struggles, being handpicked by God?

- Can I live up to what God says about me when He challenges the enemy with my life?

- Can I ever be honest, honorable, and live a life pleasing to God while simultaneously experiencing and expressing my human emotions?

- Do my good intentions of "living right" set me above the suffering I must endure?


Through a close examination of Job’s life and my very own personal testimony, God Knows Your Measure, helps to answer these challenging questions that you may have for your own life and renew your confidence in our faithful Creator.


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